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Moringa Science Publishing stopped their commercial activities in Summer 2023. This page serves as archive of all its publications. Please see each file for each relevent license to copy.


Methoden des Fortschritts II

Veröffentlichungsreihe des Fachbereichs VIII
Maschinenbau, Veranstaltungstechnik, Verfahrenstechnik der Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin

Mila sucht den Regenbogen

EPUB: Mila sucht den Regenbogen, vielsprachig mit Vorlesefunktion (20MB)
PDF: Mila sucht den Regenbogen, mit Ausmalbildern und QR-Codes zum Vorlesen (5MB)


The Lead

Moringa SP - The Lead - allows to communicate original findings or results of projects in the scientific field as well as to communicate the process followed by the author(s) in obtaining them in Open Science fashion. The parameters to which the journal is adjusted are those accepted by the scientific community: Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion or Conclusions (IMRyD).

Overview of Science

Moringa SP - Overview of Science - combines summarised content from many specialized articles into one broadly-scoped article in the form of the well-known review article. We also encourage authors to send articles that can be useful for addressing bias and undue weight concerns, while still providing readers with an easy way to access information on fringe opinions.

Repeated Experiments

Science is a branch where reproducibility of experiments plays an important role. No matter what kind of scientific results researchers are finding, Moringa SP - Repeated Experiments - brings the possibility to simply verify results, or to develop the necessary skills to extend established methods and develop new experiments, so as refining experimental observations and improving them.

Reports of Science

Moringa SP - Reports of Science - (Technical Report / White Paper) allows the publication of scientific technical reports which describe the process, progress, and/or results of the research carried out, as well as the status of a technical or scientific research problem. In Moringa Reports of Science, the authors are also asked to include recommendations in case the conclusions of the research are necessary and natural. Moringa Science Publishing does not submit the technical reports to peer review since the publisher considers such publications as grey literature.

Negative is Positive

Negative results – things that did not work out – form an important part of science. Moringa SP - Negative is Positive - provides a place for this, in form of original research articles.

Think Loud

Ideas, thoughts, and opinions stay hidden. Our journal Moringa SP - Think Loud - creates a room for opinions, ideas, and discussion. Opinions will be backed by well-found arguments. Think loud discussion articles are reviewed by an editor before publication and then peer-reviewed post-publication on their technical soundness, but are not expected to be neutral.